Jan 18

Prayer Pals Party

Each year a small group of St. John’s church ladies exchange names and support each other as Prayer Pals.  Similar to Secret Pal groups we send cards and give small gifts throughout the year to support each other but the primary focus is prayer for each other.  Some ladies choose to do this in secret while others choose to be “revealed” Prayer Pals and are partnered with another person to support and pray for them.  In January we have a wrap up party and the secrets are revealed.  Then we sign up for another year and do it all over again.

This year I hosted the wrap up party in my home.  And I had a grand time planning and decorating for the fun. Truth be told, my motivation for decoration was a napkin design I purchased at IKEA in December.

From there I selected scrapbook paper and colors to complement and designed the invitations, a bookmark and our activities to match.  I used a stamp with Romans 12:12 for everything.

Even the door prize gifts were wrapped to coordinate with the theme.

I printed prayer journals and made a bookmark for each person.

One of the best parts was the game we played.  It was a twist on Apples to Apples using the words from the theme verse.  We wrote down everyone’s words and ended up with a beautiful prayer focused collage which we will post at church to remind us all of prayer throughout the year!

It was a lovely day, and I am so very thankful for the wonderful ladies who attended!!

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