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With the arrival of February each year comes the St. John’s Unity Sunday celebration.  On this Sunday we have a combined worship service focusing on the blessings our congregation receives through our common confession of faith.  It’s the tradition that the Adult and Children’s choir join in a combined anthem, which is always fun.   This year was special for us because Luke and I played with the choirs on violin & flute.

We also enjoy a meal together, welcome new members, and get to know our church family a bit following the service.   Check out highlights from 2010 to get an idea of past fun.

This year our theme was “United Under God’s Promises”.  We had a fabulous picture of the church with a rainbow over the steeple (taken by our neighbor in July 2010) that we used for our bulletin cover.  We also had a copy printed on a banner (thanks MLC Print Shop!!) to hang in church.

United Under Gods Promises

The fellowship meal and activities were lots of fun.  I copied a decorating idea I saw on one of my favorite blogs – The Macs – and sewed rainbow colored paper circle chains to decorate the church basement.  The school children made rainbow table decorations.  We even covered the tables with paper and encouraged people to draw rainbows and other things on the tables.

And much fun was had by all at the “Unity Photo Booth” where members posed for fun photos with friends and family.

Unity Photo Booth

Unity Photo Booth Fun

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A great day of unity!!!

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