Apr 15

An Instagram Birthday Picnik

Here’s a mashup of ideas and mobil apps and web 2.0 photo editing and special photo memories to brighten your tax day gloom. ¬†ūüôā

This morning I finally found the time to experiment with an app on my iPod that I installed a while ago. ¬†It’s called Instagram.

Their tag line says it is “Fast beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone.” ¬†My iPod doesn’t have a built in camera, but it still works with photos I save on there [translate … I e-mail them to myself and open the e-mail on my iPod to save them]. ¬†Once you start applying all the cool retro Instagram filters to your photos, it’s hard to stop. ¬†Fun to the max. ¬†Here’s a quick run down of the fun I had …
My Guy

Stan the Man

The Lukester


The Fam 2008

The Fam 2010

Somewhere …

My Work

But what really got me started was a photo of my sweet Daddy taken on my last happy day with him. ¬†Today would be his 85th birthday, and I’m missing his gentle spirit. ¬†So I made a bunch of Instagrams of him and then turned them into a collage using my favorite online photo editor, Picnik. ¬†Happy birthday, Daddy!!

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