Apr 22

Oh, We LOVE The Bunny

Our semi-regular Easter dessert tradition is a yummy coconut bunny cake.  It’s fun and easy to make with two round cake layers, some strategic cutting, a little colored coconut and some other decorative elements.  This year Luke helped out with the decorating and the results were enjoyed by all.  Here are some photos of the fun and also a look at bunnies from days gone by.

The 2007 bunny

And the 2002 bunny (where is Benny??)

Finally, the inspiration for the post title is the ever popular (with us at least) “Bunny Song” from Veggie Tale’s Rack, Shack and Benny (their version of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Firey Furnace – Daniel 3).  The song is about idolatry, in this case, of chocolate bunnies.  The tune is catchy, and even though we don’t remember much of it these days (it’s been many moons since the Draper boys watched Veggie Tales) we all still sing the opening lines when we think of bunnies … “The bunny. The bunny. Oh I love the bunny.”

*** FOR THE RECORD *** We don’t love the bunny above all things.  We just think he is cute & tasty!

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