May 11

Easter Perspective

I’m back!  The whirlwind affectionately known as my life has prevented me from blogging for a few weeks, so I have much to share with you, dear reader.

First, I want to let you peek at the glorious Easter celebration we enjoyed here in Sleepy Eye.  We feasted on egg bakes and danishes at our Easter breakfast.  The boys and I helped decorate the day before and though they didn’t make it into the picture, our beautifully dyed eggs were a welcome complement to the breakfast tables.

The altar decorations were also done the day before and were stunning.  The aroma of lilies was divine!

Of course, we needed to make family photos for Easter and the Draper “boys” competed for the honor of tallest in the group.  Hmmm … someone isn’t playing fair!

What a nice looking group, all with new ties for Easter Sunday.

Unfortunately, I dropped our camera so now photos tend to be on the blurry side more often than not.  This is the best shot I got of the whole fam.

Church was full, the singing was fantastic, the joy of the resurrection was palpable.

And here’s how it looks from my seat behind the camera.


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