May 18

WELS Mobile

Look what’s new for Apple and Android mobile devices … the WELS ONLINE app!  It’s loaded with all of the great media content available from WELS including

  • Today’s Devotions in text and audio (podcast) format
  • Through My Bible in 3 Years, also in text and audio format
  • Military audio devotions
  • The weekly WELSTech Podcast (co-hosted by yours truly)
  • WELS videos such as the monthly WELS Connection
  • Recent Q&As covering a wide variety of faith-related topics and answered by professors at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

And I ask you friend, what would you expect to pay for all that great content, including daily automatic updates?  I’m guessing it may surprise you to find out that the app is FREE!!  Go grab it now, and rejoice in the comfort of God’s Word daily!

WELS ONLINE for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad | WELS ONLINE for Android

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  1. Deb Rothe

    THANKS for creating this app! I’m so excited to have it and for my WELS to be with in a mobile way. LOVE IT! GOOD WORK… keep it up. May God bless all you are doing!

  2. Deb Rothe

    Question: Sally, is your app a web app or a native app? Did you do it yourself as a web app or have a developer company design a native app?

  3. Sallie

    Martin Spriggs actually created the app using App Makr – http://www.appmakr.com/. Martin does hope to develop more apps for WELS including a church/school/called worker yearbook kind of tool with integrated mapping of locations. We’ll see how that develops.

  4. Gail Potratz

    This is an amazing accomplishment – not only developing a wonderfully functional app that allows connection with the Word in a mobile way, but the fact that you got Apple to accept your app is a feather in your cap! Kudo’s to Martin and all that helped in any way.

  5. Mike Engel

    so cool … i’ve got it on my phone already!

  6. Perry Lund

    I love the iPhone app. As time and resources permit, would love to see the iPad version using larger screen. Way to go WELS team of programmers and project management.

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