May 20

FAV 5: iPod Touch/iPad Games

True confession time … I love to puzzles and games!  When I was a kid I had a room full of brain teaser books.  In high school I memorized the solution to the Rubik’s cube.  I love the Sunday Puzzle podcast (call me a Will Shortz fan-girl!),  and I usually manage to work all or at least part of a Sudoku puzzle each day.

That’s one of the many reasons I’ve loved my iPod Touch for the last 2 years and now love my iPad.  If I’m stuck somewhere with 5 minutes to burn, one option I have is to challenge my brain with a fun game or puzzle.  I thought it was time I shared my FAV 5, in case you want to play along!

  1. PathPix & PathPix Pro– It’s a game of logic in which your finger connects the end points of various colored lines in maze like fashion.  The result is an image when all the connections are complete!  HD iPad versions available too.  LOVE IT!!!

  2. PicGrid– A cool picross game where hidden pictures are revealed as you solve the numbered clues around the edge of the square.  The numbers represent the number of non-empty squares in a row.

  3. Flood-It! 2–  players have a limited number of turns to flip the entire board to one color by flooding all touching squares with the colors selected.

  4. Skee-Ball– Use your finger to fling balls down the alley so they land for high points.  This game includes realistic sounds as the balls roll and drop and you even win “tickets” to trade in for cheesy loot like plastic rings and eye patches.

  5. Catan – Have you heard about the Settlers of Catan board game craze?  We were introduced to Catan during Vicar year by the Patterson’s and have been fans of the board game ever since.  This electronic version moves along nicely as all the collection of resources is automated.  Makes me a happy girl because sometimes I can miss that important step when things get intense in the board game.

What are your favorite games?  I’d love to discover something new!

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