May 30

From Z to A

May 29, 2011 was a very special day for our good friend and fellow called worker, Stephanie Zastrow, as she was married to David Arndt in a beautiful ceremony at the MLC Chapel of the Christ.

We’ve enjoyed this last year serving with her as she planned for her wedding and move west.  Last fall we showered her with kitchen goodies.

And just a couple of weeks ago, we presented her with a quilt which the school children decorated with well wishes and memories.

Stephanie’s brother, who is currently serving his vicar year in Texas, was on hand yesterday to deliver a very personal sermon for the happy couple.

Stephanie asked if I would put together a video slide show for their reception, and I had so much fun organizing all their wonderful pictures of their lives up to this point. I used Animoto.com to create this video.

And I was on hand with my iPad (yes, I’m a geek) taking photos and videos during the big event, and I even worked on an iMovie video montage while I was at the reception.

Did you see the flash mob wedding dancers about midway through the video?  They all practiced that dance diligently (based on the viral YouTube video Evolution of Dance) and secretly in the days leading up to the wedding and were so excited to surprise everyone with it.  What fun!

For the gift opening brunch this morning, I did some Instagram-Picnik mashup magic with all the photos I had taken and came up with this massive collage for Steph and Dave (click to view larger).

And I even came out of retirement (from my former craft show days) and crocheted them a rag rug for their new home.

So this chapter is done and it’s time to say goodbye to Miss Z. and hello to Mrs. A.  She taking part of our heart with us as she leaves, but we are so very happy for her and her beloved.

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