Jun 05

eBooks for Free

What better way to kick off your summer than with a stack of books to dive into and get lost?  Since today’s trends are toward eBooks instead of print, I recently found a large collection of FREE eBooks to share with you that surely holds something for everyone!  The eBooks I’m referring to are on the Amazon.com site in the Kindle store.  But fear not,  you don’t have to be a Kindle owner to enjoy them.  That’s because there are a slew of free Kindle reading apps for all types of electronic devices include your PC or Mac and most every kind of smart phone that exists (even iPod Touch).

So once you’ve grabbed a free app to read with, all you need are some free eBooks to load up on it!  There are, of course, a large selection of classics which are in the public domain and available for free.  I downloaded …

But with a little digging I also found a long list of current titles which are available for free.  They were listed on the Limited-Time Offers page in the Kindle Store.  [NOTE TO SELF:  Something about that term “Limited-Time” makes me think I should bookmark that page and check back often for new additions to the list.]

I changed the sort to “Price: Low to High,” and the resulting list of 170 eBooks which cost $0.00 spanned 14 screens.  Jackpot!!!

Of course there were many that didn’t interest me (translate:  if you like romance novels, you are in luck!).  But with a little digging, I added to my book list with a variety of promising titles including …

And to share with my teenage sons/voracious readers …

A pretty good haul for $0.00, I do believe.  Let the summer reading begin!!

This post is a part of the Summer 2011 WELS Hacker series on the WELSTech Podcast.

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