Jun 28

LWMS Recap

I’m still basking in the afterglow of the LWMS Convention, and I have just a quick moment to write this post, but I wanted to organize and share just a couple of pictures and the video recaps I created with photos and video clips from each of the days.  Yes, I used my blue cutting board (iPad) to capture as much as I could!!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

The MN Valley Circuit attendees (minus a few)

And my convention partner and I all dressed up for the Saturday night banquet

Matthew 28:19

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  1. Rachel Hartman

    Sallie, thank you. Thank you so much for putting this together. Both Mike and I watched these and found them deeply encouraging. I’m off to go write up a post about these on Lutherans in Mexico, that is, as soon as I can get myself to stop tearing up!
    Sending hugs from Mexico,

  2. Karen

    Looks like it was a wonderful experience! Thanks for the highlights!

  3. Paula Danekas

    Sallie, thank you for preparing this great recap of the convention. I enjoyed reliving the experience.

    1. Sallie


      What a thrill for me that you visited my recap page. You are a superstar in my book because of all of the work you have dedicated to this wonderful organization over the past four years. THANK YOU!!!



  4. Alaine

    Dear Sallie,

    This is great Sallie, thank you for sharing.

    It was like I was back in time and I started to cry all over again.

    In Christ, Alaine

    1. Sallie


      You too have my thanks for your service on the national board. I’m like you and get emotional watching. It was a special event and more special is the work supported by LWMS!



  5. Leigh McGrath

    Thanks for the recaps Sallie.
    Is it ok if I share your website with our circuit??

    Leigh McGrath
    Spiritual Growth Chairwoman
    LWMS Freedom Circuit

    1. Sallie

      Hi Leigh,

      Thanks for your nice comment. Feel free to share with others! The shortcut link to the post is




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