Sep 11


What better way to spend Labor Day 2011 than with a trip to the amusingly strange, free SPAM Museum in Austin, MN?!?  Take the Instagram tour with us!

The Museum experience begins even before you walk through the doors, as you pull into one of the special SPAM parking places

Not believing our good fortune of actually getting to tour this wonderful place, my sweetheart and I paused to have our photo taken outside

And inside, what do you think we found ….  SPAM!

There were walls of SPAM (30,000 cans to be exact)

And displays of SPAM

A SPAM movie with a piggy doorway

Giant hanging SPAM burgers

A SPAM CyberDiner where we surfed the awesome SPAM web site and played games and music and watched SPAM commercials

We clicked through the web site using an egg and SPAM breakfast trackball

There were pigs

SPAM-headed children

And SPAM cans to befriend

Even Brett Farve is a SPAM fan

SPAM engineers

tried their hand at canning SPAM

You have to see video of this to grasp the excitement of the canning process

One thing I realized … the SPAM marketing team is brilliant

The finale of the museum tour was the tribute to Monty Python’s SPAM-a-lot skit

You have to watch the fun!

All in all a very fun experience!!

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