Oct 02

Coming soon to your Facebook profile …

Facebook recently made changes to the home page, and incurred the wrath of many as subscribers scrambled to find their favorite views.  If you were one who struggled, hold on to your hat because even bigger and more dramatic changes to your Facebook user profile are on the horizon.  This month Facebook will roll out new timeline-based profiles which are sure to be dramatically different than the status quo.

If you want to be an early adopter, you can activate the timeline on your profile now using these instructions.  I did, and after a few days of settling in, I thought I’d share a peek at what’s in your Facebook future.  First, a look at my new profile –

Click image to view larger

There’s a large feature image area at the top of the page which you control.  (Check out how people are already getting very creative with the space.)  Under the image are feature boxes for photos and notes and your “likes” and whatever else you might want to feature.  Again, these are under your control.  The bulk of the page is a two column display of your status updates and activities.  The updates are connected to a center timeline.  And the entirety of your timeline is accessible through archive years in the upper right of the page.  Here’s an annotated version of the main page –

Click image to view larger

At first pass, I am excited that I can now easily get to my history.  I can even star items to be featured on my timeline.

I can also look at all of my past activity on the site.  Facebook is finally more than the slice of life that fits on my screen.  History means a lot to me!

Click image to view larger

I can’t guarantee you’ll appreciate all of the Facebook profile changes coming your way, but before you get too upset, take time to get used to them. You might even find you like the new design!

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