Nov 06

Oh, the drama!

This weekend was the Fall play at my oldest son’s high school and the 5th time he’s participated in the high school drama experience. Their tradition each fall is to do a series of one-act plays. This year was no exception as they did 4 short plays:

Blind Ambition by Ron Wels – Follows a series of wacky blind dates (Stanley was a rather verbose suitor)

Lives in the Wind by Matt Casarino – Follows several generations of a family through various wars (Stanley was the family patriarch)

Deep Sleep by Robert Frankel – Stuck in and endless loop of a dream … and turning into a sheep???

and It’s All Good by Ron Wels – Electrified by a lightning strike, the family father has a change of personality (Stanley played the father)

Our family apparently loves to support the theater arts because we attended all three performances. This gave me the opportunity to get photos and videos of many of the highlights (using my iPad, of course). And with the iMovie app I was able to create a fun summary video of the performance. I hope you enjoy it!

Great job everyone, and a special “Bravo” for Stanley! ¬†Just sayin’!!!

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