Dec 29

Fast Forward Through 2011 – Choral Fest

So I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon a bit lately, but for good reason. Life, as I know it, got insanely busy, and while the good ideas for blog posts were everywhere around me, I had no time to archive them for posterity on electronic paper. Rather than cry about lost opportunities, over the next few posts I am going to give you the Reader’s Digest version of the last 6 weeks and resume normal life and blogging after that!

The second week of November was the Lutheran High School Choral Fest at MLC, and St. John’s hosted the Kettle Morraine High School Choir. This meant we had four additional high school boys at our house for three nights.

We didn’t see much of them because their schedules were very busy at MLC, but I got a private performance on their last night in town when the choir arrived back at school a bit early and their rides weren’t here to pick them up yet.

On Sunday they sang in church for us, and later that afternoon they sang with the mass choir of high schoolers plus the MLC choirs in a standing room only concert – amazing stuff!!

We saw many friend at the concert including Pastor and Jennifer Werre from our vicar congregation, Peace in Sun Prairie, WI!

What a joyful event Choral Fest was!  Enjoy this complete video recap …

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