Dec 30

Fast Forward Through 2011 – The Rest of November

As I continue to play catch up on recent blog-worthy events, this post is dedicated to the remaining days of November, which didn’t pass by quietly (key word = BUSY).

I coached St. John’s students in grades 5-8 in Forensics (public speaking), and our team competed in the MLC Forensics Meet on November 17. All the students did a fantastic job, and the Draper boys in particular earned blue ribbons for their pieces. Luke did a “Storytelling” piece which had to be memorized. It was a book called “Roxaboxen”.

Ben did an “Interpretive Reading” of “Paul Revere’s Ride”.

Thanksgiving was next, and we enjoyed a feast with Kevin’s parents and Stanley’s special guest.

On Thanksgiving day Kevin and I made our annual trip to Mankato for a two-night getaway and shopping trip. I managed to grab (don’t worry, I paid for them too) lots of Black Friday deals, including a surprise Best Buy door buster – Asus Transformer – for my sweetheart without spending one minute in line or in a tent outside their store and without any blood shed or pepper spray incidents.

Here’s his first photo taken with his new tablet. (Off to a great start!!)

We finished up the month of November by decorating our home for Christmas. It was a fun family event!

Stay tuned because December was even busier!!

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