May 22

Mega-Collage Magic

My oldest son is finishing his Junior year of high school, and that means he attended his first Prom.  Here’s one of my favorite pics of him and his date, a lovely young lady, I must say!!

Prom also means that Mom served on her first After-Prom Party Committee.  The Junior Class is responsible for Prom at his high school, and the Junior Class Parents are responsible for a huge after-prom party to keep the kids entertained and safe till morning.  This year I volunteered for picture and video duty!  It was a job that was right up my alley, and I learned new things in process.  There were actually several projects involved, and it all came together in a final photo collage of the evening which was printed as a poster and distributed to the attendees after the party.

You may remember that I’ve done photo collages in the past for church events …

Unity Photo Booth Fun

Click image to view larger

and for weddings …

Click image to view larger

This time, I had the idea of doing something more than just a simple square collage.  The Prom theme was Masquerade so I thought I’d create the collage in the shape of a mask.  I enlisted my artistic middle son to draw a suitable mask shape on graph paper.  Here are a few of his early prototypes …

Finally we decided on this shape …

And he broke it down into 4×4 and then 2×2 grids for me …

After deciding on the 98 photos I wanted to use for the collage and Instagramming them all, I started building the individual 2×2 collages (E1, F1, E2, and F2) …

and combining those into 4×4 collages using the PhotoGene iPad app

Ultimately all of these 4×4 grids came together to form the final collage (can you find the featured section in the big collage??) …

Click image to view larger


Big project!  Lots of fun!!

The mini (or maybe not so mini) side projects with the event included a baby pics video …

and a fun photo props booth at the party (yes, I stayed up all night!) …

I’m looking forward to next year’s Prom, when he is a Senior and I don’t have to lift a finger.  😀

P.S. Mom had to create a collage of tux photos too!

Click image to view larger

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