Nov 10

Feeling Appreciated!

Did you know that the month of October is designated Pastor Appreciation Month? I didn’t until we moved to Sleepy Eye and were introduced to the most appreciative group of Christians ever!  And this past October was one for the record books in terms of appreciation shared with a pastor and his family.

The month started off with a wonderful wall hanging gift for Pastor from the school children. Each child signed a fabric photo square.

The squares were tied together with a special verse at the top.

A cross and photos of Pastor with the students were included also.  It all came together beautifully and hangs in the school outside his office!

Besides that, throughout the month cards and gifts were gathered for Pastor.

These were presented after church. I was surprised with cards and gifts as well. 😀

We posed for this special photo with the congregation.  I love it!!!

We are so humbled, encouraged and blessed by this outpouring of love and support!!

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