Dec 28

December 28 – The Garage and a Surprise

I was a bit disappointed today because I was very much looking forward to sharing beautiful wedding photos in today’s collage. But the weather wasn’t fit for driving this morning, so after reaching Mankato we decided it was best to turn back and not make our planned trek to Wisconsin for our friend’s wedding. We trust they are now a happily married couple and look forward to seeing photos they share soon.

Instead of Wisconsin, tonight we ventured out to nearby Springfield, MN to eat at one of our local favorite restaurants, The Garage.  You’ll see from the photos that they carry the garage theme through in all of their decorations.

After dinner, we snapped a few photos of the lights in town and got a big surprise.  You have to scroll to the bottom of the collage to see it!


Click to view larger

It turns out, Ralphie lives in Springfield! Wow!!

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  1. Karen

    Oh Bummer! The weird part is, every forecast I managed to hear leading up to that day was WRONG! Sam said the same thing in Green Bay. Snowed and snowed and snowed. She didn’t get to come home either! We were going to see Les Miserables so it was a let down. It gets weirder though. Can you believe that very night I watched “A Christmas Story” for the first time EVER?!! My friends can’t believe I’d never seen it. So it’s hilarious to me that we had so many things in common on this day! Now that’s not even all of it. Just a few minutes ago, I decide while checking my email that I’m going to look at Sallie’s blog right after I’m done. I finish up and email and VIOLA!….there’s an email indicating a comment from Sallie on my blog!

    Well, all I can say is “Great minds…” and all that rot. 😉 Merry Christmas Drapers! Happy New Year!

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