Jan 22

10 Tools in 2013

For over 5 years I’ve followed the blogs and resources shared by Jane Hart. Jane regularly writes about tools and methods for the work of online training. One of my favorite things she does is an annual survey of online learning professionals to gather their recommended top 10 learning tools. In 2012 her 6th annual survey gathered responses from 582 learning professionals worldwide, including yours truly. But Jane doesn’t just gather the data. She compiles all of the results into an uber useful Top 100 Tools list.

As a professional challenge, Jane has invited her followers to make 2013 a year to discover 10 new tools from the list. This is my official “I’m throwing my hat in to this challenge ring” post. Beginning in February, I’ll share my experience with one new tool each month. In December I’ll post a wrap up of the experience.

I’ve browsed the Top 100 Tools list and selected these 10 tools which I currently do not use for my year of discovery –

  1. ToolsBuddyPress
  2. Evernote
  3. MentorMob
  4. Pocket
  5. Poll Everywhere
  6. Prezi
  7. Quora
  8. Scoopit
  9. Symbaloo
  10. Udutu

I’m looking forward to the challenge. Tune in for my February review of BuddyPress.

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  1. roy hanfling

    Hi Sallie
    It all looks a bit exciting
    see you around

  2. David

    I’m interested in your Evernote experience. I really heavily on OneNote and would love to get a view of Evernote.

    1. Jim

      I’ve used Evernote in the past, David. I was really intrigued by it because I had just gotten a smartphone and this worked so slick with it.

      There are a lot of neat ways to accomplish what Evernote does. However, I am seeing more and more the value of consolidating technology into one place as much as possible.

      Of course, it depends upon what you are trying to accomplish. In my own opinion, it is best to use a more diversified technology. You may only use one part of a web program to start with, but as your needs grow you can incorporate more of it without having to learn a whole new program etc…

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