Jun 04


We have a graduate! And I have an official excuse for ignoring my blog. Life has been busy preparing for graduation and attending end of year events. We gave a party in Stanley’s honor which I had a ton of fun preparing for. There were banners

Banners - Oh Happy Day

and photo boards

Photo Boards

and live streaming

iPad Streaming

Live streaming

and lots of cheesecake!!


Check out all the photos.

Not only has life been busy, but my hands have also been busy crocheting Stanley’s graduation blanket. Thanks to my mother-in-law, Judy, who joined the millions (or 768 … which felt like millions) of squares!


The big day arrived on Sunday, May 26. Stanley graduated with a amazing group of classmates.

MVL Class of 2013

There were photo ops before, during and after the ceremony.

Mom and Stan

The cohort


Filpping tassels

Sam and Stan

So long and thanks for the fish

Check out tons of photos of the special day.

We’re on to enjoying summer and planning for the start of college at Carleton in the fall!

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