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Dec 28

Christmas Gift Craft – Wood Letter Blocks

Now that the gifts are all opened, I get to reveal a fun craft project I made for Christmas this year – wood letter blocks that spelled words.  I downloaded the letter images from a Flickr collection, converted them to black and white, and printed them just the right size. My crafty mother-in-law provided the wood …

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Dec 23

Gingerbread House in a Jar

I saw the idea for this gift online about a year ago and have been dreaming of making it ever since! With the help of my boys, we put together 9 of the awesome Gingerbread House in a Jar kits. Fun to make and fun to gift! Pinterest came through with me just in time …

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Dec 21

Back in the Collage Business!

I’m back! It’s been a busy week leading up to a wonderful holiday break, and I’ve fallen off the collage bandwagon a bit. But I’m back now and plan to play catch up a bit this weekend for the days I missed. Tonight I want to share photos from the wonderful concert we attended at …

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Dec 05

December 5th – One collage isn’t enough

It’s been a busy day of work and computer lab and choir practice and Bible study.  The school students got a special treat when a preschool student (and his Dad) brought a tractor for show & tell!  The children sang for the Ladies Aid meeting, and Ben and I decorated our fence for Christmas! But …

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Dec 30

Fast Forward Through 2011 – Advent by Candlelight

I’m still playing catch-up on all the things I’ve wanted to blog about over the last few months.  This post dates back to a very special event held on December 4th. Every two years the ladies of St. John’s host an Advent by Candlelight meal. This year’s was an amazing sucess and joy to be …

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Jul 04

My (patriotic) brain on Diigo

Happy 4th of July everyone!!  May Old Glory wave long and proud over our great nation! I found some fun links related to the 4th of July … crafts and party ideas and videos and music and food, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Often times I get the question – “How …

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May 30

From Z to A

May 29, 2011 was a very special day for our good friend and fellow called worker, Stephanie Zastrow, as she was married to David Arndt in a beautiful ceremony at the MLC Chapel of the Christ. We’ve enjoyed this last year serving with her as she planned for her wedding and move west.  Last fall …

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Apr 23

5 Will Dye

5 Drapers on Easter Eve + 6 dozen hard boiled eggs = loads of fun and beautiful decorations for Easter breakfast at church tomorrow!   A special egg for Pastor Scott Muske.  Someone heard your favorite colors were blue & gold! 😀 Lovely tulips from my secret prayer pal Lest you not end your night …

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Apr 22

Oh, We LOVE The Bunny

Our semi-regular Easter dessert tradition is a yummy coconut bunny cake.  It’s fun and easy to make with two round cake layers, some strategic cutting, a little colored coconut and some other decorative elements.  This year Luke helped out with the decorating and the results were enjoyed by all.  Here are some photos of the …

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Mar 08

Coordinated Creativity

Winnie the Pooh

Last week my 5th grade son tackled a Math lesson on the coordinate plane. You remember … plotting points on the (x,y) axis.  And I just have to share with you the fun we had with this lesson.  We printed out some free graph paper.  Then we headed over to this graphing pictures web site …

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