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Jan 24


We have new tech at the Draper household, and believe it or not, it’s made of cardboard! Not just any cardboard … Google Cardboard! And it’s taking us to some interesting (virtual reality) places. I heard about Google Cardboard in the educational technology class I’m currently taking. After a bit of reading, I found the …

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Dec 21

Back in the Collage Business!

I’m back! It’s been a busy week leading up to a wonderful holiday break, and I’ve fallen off the collage bandwagon a bit. But I’m back now and plan to play catch up a bit this weekend for the days I missed. Tonight I want to share photos from the wonderful concert we attended at …

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Dec 03

December 3rd in Pics

Today’s collage includes photos of my teacher and Mom duties.  In Computer Lab I’m teaching the students how to make photo collages using PicMonkey. Imagine that! Later in the day, Luke and Ben had their final group lesson and Christmas Party at violin. Their lovely teacher, Paula Anderson, recently returned from a trip to Italy …

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May 28

Family Reading Night

Recently St. John’s PTO hosted a Family Reading Night event, and thanks to our friends at PTO Today, it was a huge success.  Our goal was to promote family reading, and we used the free PTO Today Family Reading Night Planning Kit to guide our event preparations.  They provided posters and tons of great ideas …

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Aug 29

Scratch-ing the Programming Surface

Back-to-school means I’m back to one of my favorite volunteer jobs of all time – teaching computer lab for the K-8 students at St. John’s Lutheran School.  I’m in the lab 3 hours each week working with the various grades on typing and computer literacy skills as well as special projects using some of my …

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Aug 13

Smart is as SMART does

Back to school time is a great time to brush up on SMART Board/Interactive Whiteboard skills! I recently put together a mind map of SMART Board resources for the St. John’s teachers and thought others may appreciate it as well. It covers all things SMART – software, training, blogs, podcasts, file libraries and web sites …

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Mar 25

Watching for Baby Eagles

My friend Missy shared a link last night to a web camera that is broadcasting continuous live video of an eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa. This mama bird has three eggs in her nest, and if we stay tuned, I expect that we will witness their birth. The image is close up and clear, even …

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Mar 10

Digital Natives and Mobile Learning

One of the things I’ve enjoyed observing is the progress being made with technology in the classroom setting.  Being Mom to three “digital natives” (their life experience has been 100% digital since birth) I get a first hand view of the the way they learn and interact with technology.  That’s why I thought this infographic …

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Mar 08

Coordinated Creativity

Winnie the Pooh

Last week my 5th grade son tackled a Math lesson on the coordinate plane. You remember … plotting points on the (x,y) axis.  And I just have to share with you the fun we had with this lesson.  We printed out some free graph paper.  Then we headed over to this graphing pictures web site …

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Feb 28

Meet My Friend Vi

Last week I took a second, deeper look at a web site which was shared with me recently, and I fell in love!  If you like Math and your brain thinks in patterns and efficiencies and all things generally awesome along those lines, then you too will love I was so engaged by everything she …

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