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Oct 02

Coming soon to your Facebook profile …

Facebook recently made changes to the home page, and incurred the wrath of many as subscribers scrambled to find their favorite views.  If you were one who struggled, hold on to your hat because even bigger and more dramatic changes to your Facebook user profile are on the horizon.  This month Facebook will roll out new …

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Sep 17

Flickr awesome

I have a sweet treat for you today! Don’t you just love a great photo?  I do!  And I find a world of amazing photos on Flickr.  Everything from beautiful landscapes to rainbows to stunning flowers to a fun music face Thanks to one of my favorite iPad apps, Flipboard, I can browse the Flickr …

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Aug 29

Scratch-ing the Programming Surface

Back-to-school means I’m back to one of my favorite volunteer jobs of all time – teaching computer lab for the K-8 students at St. John’s Lutheran School.  I’m in the lab 3 hours each week working with the various grades on typing and computer literacy skills as well as special projects using some of my …

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Aug 20

Print My Cal

Perhaps you are already familiar with Google Calendar and all its amazingness! If not, I’d encourage you to check it out. When you do, you will find a free online solution for all of your scheduling needs. It is fully compatible with your favorite mobile device so you can take the calendar offline “in your pocket,” and …

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Aug 13

Smart is as SMART does

Back to school time is a great time to brush up on SMART Board/Interactive Whiteboard skills! I recently put together a mind map of SMART Board resources for the St. John’s teachers and thought others may appreciate it as well. It covers all things SMART – software, training, blogs, podcasts, file libraries and web sites …

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Aug 08

Mobile Broadcasting

In the fall of 2004 I had the privilege of attending The Lutheran Communicator’s Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  As I reflect on that conference a mere 7 years later, it was certainly an interesting time in history to be at such an event.  I remember hearing Shel Holtz speak about the then-emerging internet-based, free publication genre …

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Jul 31

Anywhere Access To My Files

One of my favorite Internet utilities is DropBox. If you aren’t familiar with DropBox, they offer 2 GB of free online space for storing and sharing all types of files (take a tour). Storage “in the cloud” allows you to easily access your files from any Internet connection. You can also share links to your …

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Jul 24

FAV 5: Free Web Site Platforms

There are many reasons to create a web site: Personal interest/hobby Personal journal (blog) Small groups – church ladies group Events – class reunion Classroom communication Collaboration on a project Sharing sermons or photos or videos or … _________ (Other) I’m guessing most people can think of something they could share on a web site. …

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Jul 18

Crowing About Collages

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a collage of pictures can convey a lot of goodness!  Perhaps you’ve noticed my inclusion of grouped images on occasional blog posts.  I’ve created collages for all kinds of events including … Easter decorations at church School projects The “Unity Sunday” Photo Booth at church Even the …

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Jul 11


Who among us doesn’t need to print a label at some point? I’m thinking especially of the tireless church and school office workers (or any office worker for that matter) who use labels for mailings and organizing all types of office paperwork.  Now creating labels has moved “to the cloud” with the simple and fun …

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